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News from rippleFX: The Beatles Issue!!          4
Fab Four Fans and rippleFX: "Come Together"
If music is the universal language, the songs of the Beatles are its Rosetta Stone...

titlePaul McCartney once said "A hundred years from now, people will listen to the music of the Beatles the
same way we listen to Mozart."

The influence the Beatles have had on popular culture
is undeniable. From music to fashion to film and

everywhere in between, people from all over the world have been affected by these 4 Brits. There are shows on Broadway and Las Vegas and many symphonies have
their own version of "The Beatles" playing
to sold out crowds.

"Come Together", moderated by John Lennon's sister, Julia Baird, is a documentary of the estimated
8,000 Beatles tribute bands around the globe who "come together" worldwide to interpret and perform the
music of The Beatles.

The movie is a compelling story of the men & women aspiring to sound and/or look like the Fab Four.
Many of these groups meet annually in Liverpool at the Mathew Street Festival to share their love of the Beatles with thousands of other Beatles fans. It is yet another great way to re-visit the incredible songs and
career of the world's
favorite band.

Shot almost entirely in Liverpool, the birthplace of the Beatles, "Come Together" was produced by
Act Naturally Productions-a partnership of John Scofield & Steve Ison.

Subject to the strict review process of Apple Records, the film just recently received clearance and approval, with Apple noting that they appreciated the incidental music score which was written and

produced by rippleFX:.


To emulate the sound of the 60's (and the Beatles in general) many of the same instruments and recording techniques the Beatles used were employed-including the Hofner bass, 12-string electric guitar,

vintage drums, ribbon microphone, mellotron, a spinet piano, plenty of tube amps and old school compressors. The compositions by Chris Lieber and Bill Mallers span the early styles to their later experimental writing.  Listen

After a viewing by Geoff Emerick (known for his work as audio engineer with The Beatles' Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Abbey Road albums) he was said to have been pleased

by what he saw (and heard!).


The movie premiers August 29th at the Beatles home away from home during the early years, London's Adelphi Hotel and coincides with the opening day of the Matthew Street Festival

Film festivals and distribution plans are still in the works, but in the meantime...


Hear for yourself a short sample of our music for "Come Together!" Click HERE


Happy Birthday Ringo!!!
1967 Portrait by Richard Avedon

Ringo Starr is 70 years old today! There's a nice little interview
him in the New York Times. If you're interested in reading it,
please click on the link below:

Hopefully you all wished for peace & love at noon today!

Speaking of birthdays...
It was 20 years ago today that rippleFX: owner Bill's daughter born. Happy Birthday Lizzy! (One more year and you can buy your OWN beer!)
Which Beatle Are You?
fab five I found this at the Liverpool Museum Website. You'd think they'd come up with something cooler, but if you've got some time to waste & you've always wondered which Beatle you are most like, then click on the picture or the words in blue below to take a quiz and find out which of the Fab Four YOU are!
(I'm apparently George Harrison. In fact, at rippleFX:, we're ALL George Harrison!)

The Fifth Beatle
Of course, we don't just do film scoring. If you need voiceover recording, original music for advertising,
lyric-driven musical content,
sound effects, stock music, or a good old-fashioned jingle, give us a call.
Our Magical Mystery Tour of award-winning scoring and sound design is waiting to take you away,
take you today.

Swing by our website to check us out or give us a ring @ 317.255.7618.

Mina Keohane
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